Ready to Grow Your Online Business?

Q: What does the $500 setup fee include?
A: This includes the initial setup of your site including a minimum of three initial training webinars, help setting up your own domain name or pointing your existing one, and help with initial site branding and design. You also will have either a temporary URL or an “under construction” page so you may work on the site and approve it before going live.

Q: What does the monthly fee include and are there any additional costs?
A: The monthly fee entitles you to continued hosting of the site, periodic content updates (typically quarterly), free upgrades to new features, functions, and versions of the software, and unlimited email support. If you have one of the shopping cart versions, you can expect to pay credit card processing fees to a third party processor in addition to your Kablue subscription.

Q: Are there any long term contracts or may I cancel at any time? If I cancel, can I take it with me?
A: Service is provided on a month-to-month basis and you may cancel at any time. Once you stop paying, the site is disabled and the service is discontinued. You may not transfer the site or product content to any other provider.

Q: If I already have my own domain, can I use it?
A: YES, Kablue will help you point the website to our services when you are ready to go live. All other services such as email on your domain will continue to operate as they do today.

Q: I need a website, but don’t have time to spend on the set-up process; can Kablue just do everything for me?
A: YES, Kablue has a team of copy writers and designers that can help you with the process. Some additional expense will be incurred based on the level of support required.

Q: What credit card processors does Kablue support? Can I use my existing processor?
A: Kablue supports and PayPal for credit card processing. can function as the gateway for almost all existing credit card processing companies but you will need to change at least the gateway over to

Q: Can we add additional products from other manufacturers, wholesalers, or customized product?
A: YES, Kablue supports an unlimited number of products, categories, and manufacturers. Product may be loaded in the admin site or via Excel template. There is a small processing fee for Excel template loads.

Q: When my customer orders product on my website, how is the order fulfilled?
A: You will receive both an email of the order and access to view it within the Kablue admin site. You may handle that order in the same way you do today. Orders are not visible to or automatically sent to Kablue content partners such as Alliance Distribution Partners or SP Richards.

Q: Can my employees sign on to the site to place orders for a customer in the field?
A: YES, we have an “impersonation” feature that allows your employees to sign in as any customer. You determine whether and how much access to grant your employees to this feature.

Q: I have a website with other products already; can I access the product catalog without the hosting and other features?
A: YES, Kablue can provide access to all its product catalogs for a monthly licensing fee.